Lovely Jewelry Box for Teen Girls

Are you a teenager girl and looking for some stylish and lovely Jewelry Box for Teen Girl, Then check out this awesome Jewelry Box by Enchantmints.

This cool Jewelry Box for Teens come in different design on the box i.e. Ballerina , Ballet Class, Ballet School.

Ballerina Jewelry Box for Girls have Large Bottom Drawer and on the side 2 small drawers to put different Jewelry for teens.

They are also musical which plays Swan Lake.

Measurement of this Pink Jewelry Box is 6 X 4 X 6

This Pink Jewelry of Girls have Mirror inside of the Top.

Ballet Class awesome Teen Girls Jewelry Box have 4 drawers that plays Fur Elise when opened.

The Jewelry Box for Girls that has Ballet Shoes comes with removable tray also plays swan lake when opened. This cool Jewelry Box has measurement 8 X 4 X 4.

Its Open chested nature makes it ideal for teenagers girls so that they can accommodate as much Jewelry items they want.

If you like this Jewelry Box for Teens then you can buy these box from buy now button at the end of the post

Jewelry Box Idea for Girls

Jewelry Box for Teens

This stylish Jewelry Box for Girls specially teen and young girls with Heart Shape has no drawers infarct one big compartment.  Music is also Swan Lake. This cool girls Jewelry box has measurement 5.25 X 5.5. X 3.25. Its Ballerina come in spinning motion.

Jewelry Box for Girls

Jewelry Box Ballerina

Heart Shape Jewelry Box

Ballerina Jewelry Box for Teens

Cute Jewelry for Girls

Girls Jewelry Box

Girls Ballerina Jewelry Box

Teens Jewelry Box

Teen Girls Jewelry Box

Purple Jewelry Box for Girls

Pink Jewelry Box

Pink Jewelry Box for Teen Girls

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