DIY Teen Room Decor Ideas-20 Step by Step Tutorials

DIY Teen Room Decoration Tips. It is always cool to decorate your room with a bit of art, creativity and everything appealing. Plus there is always a lot of margin to learn as well – gives you a heads up for event management too, if you’re interested in that area. I know it can be a bit hard to imagine decorating an entire room, but not so very hard to add some elements of decor that makes your room just as much as beautiful. So have a look at some of the easiest room decor ideas with short tutorials that you can very much make happen through very simple items.

What are some of the Easiest and the Nicest Room Decor Ideas

20 diy room decor ideas for teenagers

#20 – Cloth Hangings-Made Planting Pot

  • A bunch of cloth hangings and a tin covering.
  • Fix those hangings on the cover and then stuff plantings.
  • You can place it in your room or on coffee table.

#20 - Cloth Hangings-Made Planting Pot


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#19 – Pom Pom Chair/Flooring Decor

  • Just some bundles of thread would be needed.
  • You only need to work on fixing them as thread balls.
  • You can make a chair out of them or even a carpet mat.

#19 - Pom Pom Chair Flooring Decor


#18 – Rosy Room Decor Piece

  • Some hand-made roses needed and something to arrange/stick them on.
  • You can either glue or plug them to the object.
  • All done. Enjoy a perfect sight of this room decor.

#18 - Rosy Room Decor Piece


#17 – Coin Pottery Art

  • 1- A simple, plain pot is need and some old coins.
  • Stick the coins in a simple pattern/sequence.
  • Stuff plantings, etc. And there you go.

#17 - Coin Pottery Art


#16 – Tree Barks Pot Art

#16 - Tree Barks Pot Art


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#15 – Heart Shaped Pictures Wall Art

#15 - Heart Shaped Pictures Wall Art


#14 – Heart Hangings Over the Bed

  • Attach a hanging balance to the wall.
  • Make nicely shaped hearts out of card board.
  • Pull them all in a thread and attach to the hanging.

And there you go, with a pretty and simple room decor idea.

#14 - Heart Hangings Over the Bed


#13 – Decoration With Simple Items

#13 - Decoration With Simple Items


#12 – Paint it All

Sometimes it is about just painting it out and unleashing creativity. Why not paint the plain, sad drawers?

#12 - Paint it All


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#11 – Textured Wall Art

Requires nothing but a yarn around a paint roller and the result is utter classiness.

#11 - Textured Wall Art


#10 – Lighted Mirror Garland

  • Small squared mirrors and wired lights needed.
  • Attach or stick the mirrors on an elastic thread or anything you find suitable.
  • Arrange the wired lights behind it.

Yes, this is just as cool as it looks.

#10 - Lighted Mirror Garland


#9 – Glitter Bottles/Vases

  • Take a stylish vase, pot, etc.
  • Fill it completely with glitter of the color you like.
  • Put in some nice flowers.

#9 - Glitter Bottles, Vases


#8 – Marble Table Top

#8 - Marble Table Top


#7 – Ombre Walls

#7 - Ombre Walls


#6 – Fabric Chandelier

#6 - Fabric Chandelier


#5 – Fabric-inspired Dresser

Just some cool printed fabrics and paste them over.

#5 - Fabric-inspired Dresser


#4 – Bookshelves in Air

#4 - Bookshelves in Air


#3 – Patterned Room Wall Design

Just buy every bit of wallpapers that you like (equal size) and make it a distinct wall art. Rather than just a single wallpaper.

#3 - Patterned Room Wall Design


#2 – Flowers and Lights

  • Buy a pair of wired lightnings.
  • Attach some pretty artificial flowers around the wire.
  • Put some of the lights in the middle of flower.

And there you are having a wonderful view in your very own room.

#2 - Flowers and Lights


#1 – Coziest Room Decor with Midnight Lights

#1 - Coziest Room Decor with Midnight Lights


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